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About us

PawTeacher is a family owned and run small business established in 2019 by Robert, a C++ Developer and Lea, a Housewife and Mom of two wonderful dogs. Since many years, I (Lea) wanted to know what my little dogs where thinking and feeling (as we all do right?) but it was impossible... until now.

Thanks to Robert's qualities and my enthusiasm, we were able to develop the first and best pet training buttons that with time will help you understand what your pet wants to do!

Since the first button was develop in our garage... Hundreds of family members and friends wanted to get a hold of the PawTeacher kit.

After just 2 years, our community of PawTeacher™ customer keeps growing all over the world and we are helping many pets express their feelings in a new and marvelous way!

Thanks for making it this far and we really hope we can help you get your pet to talk!


Robert & Lea